From: Ursula Sabisch
Sent: Friday, 17th of May, 2019 13:25
Reference: Matter- To collect money owing

Head office Germany

Doctors Without Borders inc.
In the Koellnischen Park 1

10179 Berlin Germany

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Luebeck, 17th of May, 2019


Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Doctors Without Borders, Dear Readers,

As yesterday once more in the talk-broadcasting with Marcus Lanz recognised, your Dr. S. was to guest on the show* and thus my person had to find out once more, that the playing with the life of other people simply does not stop in spite of a clear fact situation.

For this reason my person has had a look at the richest people of the world again in Internet and according has found some business insiders, whose presumably have access to the contacts of the "super-rich ones" or more exactly to the „governors of the money“.

By these middlemen or women you or an array of employees of your teams* should agree on appointments with the „governors of the money“, by which also sensible, honourary duties will result, whereby you should deliver the necessary money for the weak people in need of care to the affected countries of earth personally, but the responsibility for the money to be administered will remain with the multi-billionaires or the billionaires as well as with the multi-millionaires and millionnaires.

First the person and the Colossal-Area look after those ones, whose have fallen ill most seriously, so that these ill people have got a sensible future and become fit in the matter and commission and one finds these ill people mainly in masses in Europe and in the USA.

My person looks exactly after these and other more or less hard ill societies for ages and can already register a certain success in the matter and commission of our all Lord and Creator, whereby the "secret path" will be still the surest way, however, this way may no be an excuse for lacking and insufficient help.

It is very, very sad that most people will do not know why they are existing and that every person, also every human life of a foreign culture has got an important meaning and that they show the same value, as for example an European or a Chinese and this happens in an age with a ticking clock!

Should the "governors" of the money refuse to take over the responsibility in the matter and commission, then you keep please truthful the minutes about the circumstances, so that becomes recognizable for others, why one "governor" or the other "governess" was called to account in a certain way also retrospectively by the Colossal-Area with lasting effect.

This document must be transferred for these and other reasons into one of my homepages, so that the way for help can come from all sides and would be not fixed. Of course will call to account the employees of the aid agencies or organisations with lasting effect, which were already informed and did not have undertaken anything reasonable in the matter. They are equally called to account concerning this seriously in the matter, definitely!

It cannot be true that one can hide as an employee behind an organisation more or less well and again collects a monthly salary!

Notices: An account follows in every case for every individual, only Who or What will administer this account, that dangerous and open question remains in the matter up to now!

Thus my person reminds with

best regards,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: If my person goes on traveling, I wished unmistakably to meet any a person, particularly no child, who is in need of care or defaulting, because this is unambiguously a "man-made grief“ and no longer sustainable!

*Checked 2021 April, 10th